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     Beckers Bakery was founded in 1942 by Harry Becker. Prior to 1942 it was known as Weber’s Bakery. Harry began as a bakery supply salesman working at Bakers & Confectioners Supply Co. and sold products to Weber’s. In 1942, Mr. Weber wanted to sell his business and offered it to Harry. Harry worked out a deal with Mr. Weber, borrowed $10,000 from his uncle Harry Neuman, hung up his business suit in favor of an apron, and so began Beckers Bakery.

    Harry’s specialties included: 100 loaves of white buttercrust bread per day, assorted danish, pies, rolls, and holiday goodies such as pffefernus, stollen, fruit cake, and springerle.

     In 1958, Harry handed the business down to his 2 sons, Stan and Norm. Harry went on to become a bakery sales broker negotiating the sale of many South Bay bakeries. In the meantime, Stan and Norm continued in the family business as bakers. Norm left the business in 1960 to pursue other interests at which time Stan became sole owner of Beckers Bakery. 

     Stan’s specialties included 100’s of loaves of secret recipe squaw bread, sold wholesale to many restaurants in the South Bay including the very first Charthouse restaurant in Redondo Beach.  Stan was also responsible for expanding the cake and cookie business to include the Beckers classic sugar cookie that we still use today.

     In 1984, Stan handed the business down to his son, Todd. Stan retired and went on to allegedly drop his golf handicap down to an 8. Todd added the deli in 1992 creating Beckers sandwiches using our fresh baked squaw bread and french rolls. Todd emphasizes bright colors and buttercream designs in his cakes, cookies and cupcakes. We cater in great part to kids and moms.

     While Beckers Bakery has certainly changed over the years, one thing remains a constant, a furious devotion to quality and family tradition.

     Today Beckers continues to be run by empty nesters Todd and his wife Brigid. They have 3 kids Max, Tom and Kit. Todd has a passion for what he does and has no plans to retire anytime soon….

Todd in the Beach Reporter 1984

1965 Stan in the Shop

            1949 Ad in South Bay Daily Breeze

           1950 Ad in Manhattan Beach News



Manhattan Ave 1930's ...Beckers on the left

1982 Stan and Harry

Allie Nelson (left) and Opal Kirby (center) both worked more than 20 years in the 60's and 70's!!!

Anita May celebrating her last day at Becker's after 23 years with us in the 80's and 90's!

1965 Beckers Cake...Happy Birthday Katy White!

1987 Harry, Max, Todd, Stan

1950's Old "Beckers" sign discovered in the rafters during 1990 painting

Beckers Today

1985 Stan and Harry


1976 Becker Burger...

Happy Birthday Wendy Beckerson!

that's Stephanie Herweck on the right!

Beckers Sign 1970's

1975 Beckers Cake made for Torrance Walteria Elementary School Basketball Team

1988 Brad (Todd's brother), Harry, Todd

2009 Max, Stan, Tom, Todd

2010 Kit and Todd in Chicago

2010 Brigid and Todd in Chicago

310- 372-3214  -  1025 Manhattan Ave, Manhattan Beach, CA., 90266